"Green Boot" Seminar
Completed 7 session series sponsored by the Austin Homebuilders Association and the City of Austin.

Earth Globe

       Generation 3 Construction           Your Green Builder

Generation 3 Construction is continuing to add to their knowledge of "green" techniques for sustainable building with energy saving designs and building practices to help the homeowner with energy savings.  At the same time we hope to help improve on our environment.

We like to talk in terms of "shades of green" depending on what the client's budget requires.  From "green" building practices required by code to "green practices" which save the environment, as well as saving the homeowner costs, we can provide you with any level of "green."  In the long run:  Going "green" saves money.

Things "Green" (select your shade)

The Conservation & Sustainability of our planet through the greening of our homes... Doing our Share.

1.  Insulation types   9. HVAC practices & products
2.  Housewraps & sealants 10. Recycling
3.  Sheathings & sidings 11. Low VOC paints & stains
4.  Framing practices & building types 12. Xeriscape landscaping
5.  Roofing materials & ventilators 13. Site work & construction waste
6.  Reusing 2nd hand materials 14. Pest management
7.  Water harvesting & irrigation 15. House orientation & efficient design
8.  Plumbing & electric saving products 16. Solar design